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What Are Dental Ads?

First, you need to know that dental ads come in many different shapes and sizes. As a business you can run ads in many places.

Dental Ads can be search results like the ones you might find on Google and or Bing. These are commonly known as PPC (Pay Per Click). 

Other Ads appear as posts users will see while they scroll through Facebook or Instagram.

Meanwhile, video ads can be more like commercials. While users are watching videos they get ads that run for a few seconds at a time.

Of course we make sure these ads only get targeted and shown to people who are in your area and who are looking for your services.

However, only a few places really make sense to run ads. For example, running ads in the digital platforms makes more sense than billboards or other traditional advertising mediums.


Mostly because it can be a lot cheaper and a lot more effective.  So where are the places to run ads? 

Below, are some of the best places to run ads for local and small business, like brick and mortar businesses:

  1. Google Search Engine. Otherwise known as PPC.
  2. Bing Search Engine.
  3. YouTube.
  4. Facebook.
  5. Instagram.
  6. Yelp

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Don't Run Dental Ads Here.

Above, we went over what dental ads are and where are some of the best platforms you should use to run you ads in.

But what are some platforms where you shouldn’t run your ads.

Here are some places we don’t think are worth your time or money.

  • Snapchat
  • TikTok
  • NextDoor
The reason we don’t think Snapchat is worth it is because, at least as of now, it’s mostly a place where big businesses with millions of dollars to spend place ads. Maybe in the future it could be a viable place for small local businesses.


While TikTok is extremely popular is has it’s short comings. First, it’s better as a branding tool. You should have an account and try to make small fun/informative videos.

However, since it’s based on short form videos, people keep clicking on to the next video. This is what makes it so addicting. This makes it hard for people to click on your ad and leave the app.

Finally, NextDoor. While you should also have an account we have found that there are not as many users on it as some of the platforms we listed above.

In our years of experience, we find that your dollar goes a lot further elsewhere.


Dental Ads
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